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Reader’s Choice award as One of North Vancouver’s Best Boutique Style Personal Training Studio’s

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We guarantee the best results!

As a leading brand in personal training we guarantee the best results simply because of the unique services and products we offer our clients. With the Team Fitness 90 Days To A New You full spectrum approach, our TF360 and TF180 programs are guaranteed to help you achieve the weight loss and strength gain results you want.

You will experience fun, supportive, challenging programs in a  non intimidating atmosphere. Team Fitness prides itself on giving personal  attention to each client ensuring they feel “part of a community”. We are  inclusive in an exclusive studio. We work as a team providing accountability,  support and lifestyle tools for you to achieve success in your health  and lifestyle goals. Our Personal Training systems are simple and streamlined and successful in  delivering what you need.




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Infofit - Personal Training Certification and Fitness College

Team Fitness shared their video.

Team Fitness
She said something very important in this little interview. She learned how to cook for herself. Do you know how many people don't know how to prepare their meals never mind figuring out how much macronutrients they need on daily bases? Do you know that when kids finish high school and go to college they put on 15-20 lbs of body fat because they simply don't have knowledge of how to eat properly and most of them eat out at cheap fast food places. What are you doing about it as a parent? How much cooking education you give to your child so they don't become obese from eating junk food? At Team Fitness we don't have cooking classes but our meal plan and coaching gives pretty good guidance to anybody who is ready to change their eating habits and loose body fat. Our small group personal training is an awesome affordable way to get better at fitness and nutrition.
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Our first group class graduated the program. This is what this ladies have to say about their experience. All 3 speak different languages, so you are going to hear English, Russian and Farsi.

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