Leanne Babcock

Meal Plan Specialist


Leanne Babcock started in the fitness industry over 20 years ago. While continually instructing various fitness classes, Leanne acquired her Fitness Leadership Diploma, ACE Personal Training Certification and various other certifications over time.
Following her passion of helping people, Leanne Co-Founded a Small Personal Training Business in Fort St. John B.C. where she instructed various types of Group Fitness Classes, developed a Post Rehab program for ICBC and developed an ongoing First Nations Fitness Program for the Doig.
Advancing her ambitions she started another business in Grande Prairie, A.B., that branched further into Competitive Fitness Training.
Leanne competed for four years winning the Alberta Overall Fitness Champion Title in 2004 and placing top six in her years of Canadian National Competition. With her success in this competitive sport, Leanne dieted and trained over 20 other aspiring competitors who all proudly made it to a competitive level, and some of these females are still competing today!
Throughout her accomplishments and business endeavors, Leanne attended International Conferences and Seminars to keep up with the leading edge of Fitness Professionals.
Bringing her experience and enthusiasm to Team Fitness as a partner in ownership with her sister Deneen is a dream come true, along with raising her sons River and Ryder and enjoying the adventure of life with her husband Doug.
You must have a plan to achieve anything.  Along the way  inspiration will grow within to then take you to where you need to be!  Stay focused on your plan!
Education and Experience:
1993-1996 Mount Royal College, PHED Diploma, Fitness Leadership Concentration
1998-2009 ACE, Personal Trainer
1997-2013 IDEA Member & Conference Attendee (1997,1999,2000,2003,2009, 2012)
2006-2009 CANFITPRO Member & Conference Attendee (1998,2006,2007, 2008)
1996 Dale Carnegie Certification
1999 AAHFP, Post-Rehab Conditioning Specialist
2013 – Hip-Hop Certification Milo Level
2015 Raw Food Chef Certification with Raw Foundation and Culinary Vancouver
Specialty Areas
Online Meal Plan Specialist



Personal Achievements
Featured In:
OXYGEN MAGAZINE, April 2005 Issue
Competitive History:
1st Place & Overall Title at Albertas in 2004
6th Place in Fitness at Canadian Nationals 2004
5th Place in Fintess at Canadian Nationals 2002
3rd Place in Fitness at Albertas 2001
A little about me right now:)
In November 2012 I attended the Fresh Start Retreat located in Oyster Bay, B.C.  I thought I knew a lot, but attending this retreat opened my eyes to eating at least 70% Raw at every meal and experimenting with recipes that involve this way of life.  I now make Raw Cheesecakes, dehydrated carrot-flax seed crackers and chocolate avocado pudding to name a few.  I am lucky to have a husband who will eat all my creations and very thrilled that my sons love my green smoothies and seaweed snacks!
Recently in Feb 2015 completed the Raw Food Chef Certification with Raw Foundation Vancouver
Don’t worry I do not make you eat these recipes on our 90 day Meal Plan….but I do encourage a more RAW eating approach!
If you are wanting more information please watch these documentries:
Food Matters
Hungry for Change
both can be found on Net Flix
And if you ever want to attend a life-changing retreat please check out this website!
Raw Cooking Immersion Courses:
Wishing you health and positive support,