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Team Fitness is at Team Fitness.

Don’t let disability control your abilities. POTS or Cerebral Palsies is not who you are, it’s what you have. What defines you is how you grow as a person both physically or mentally. What makes me mad is when doctors use nasibo technique and tell their patients what they should be avoiding doing.... in Stacey’s case they told her that she should get herself a wheel chair, so she did, which resulted in further muscle atrophy and weight gain. Now we are working on reversing this proses. She is starting to use her walker at home. My ultimate goal is to see her walking on stage.
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Working with someone who has physical disability doesn’t requires modification of the program but rather the exercises of the program. Here is an example of ...

Team Fitness is at Team Fitness.

Super Jim maxed out our rack doing 4 RM x 90 lbs on single arm row. Very cool example of how age is just a number when person puts time in maintenance and upkeep of the physical body. #fitness #strength
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Team Fitness is at Team Fitness.

How much do you want it? What are you willing to give up?
Great work Stacey! Great work today!
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Kim MerkeAmazing Stacey 💪🏻 I can't wait to meet you

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Brittany DicksonnGreat work Stacey!

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Gelareh Ghafooripoor


Gelareh believes that fitness is essential to everyone who wants to live a functional life. Her passion for the health and fitness industry began when she attended the University of the Fraser Valley, where she completed a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology while playing soccer and kickboxing competitively. Since then, Gelareh has been involved in the fitness industry for about 5 years. Her credentials include: Kinesiology, Rehabilitation with ICBC and WCB clients, Personal Training, Bootcamp, Plyometric Training, Sport Program Design, Indoor Cycling, and Postural Assessment and Musculoskeletal Testing. As a personal trainer, she is dedicated and will provide motivation, inspiration, and education to all clients.


You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!

Qualifications and Experience
Bachelor of Kinesiology CSEP- CPT (Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology- Certified Personal Trainer) Human Kinetics KLM U-18 Men’s Soccer Coach C SportsAid Program

– Member of SportMed BC

BCRPA Indoor Cycling Experience Instructor Certificate

TRX Suspension Trainer Certification

DotFIT Nutrition Certification

Standard First Aid & CPR-C
Gelareh also worked in a Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Centre for 2 years and has experience treating ICBC and WCB patients.
Specialty Areas
Weight Training Strength and Endurance Training Rehabilitation Weight Loss Sport Specific Training


Personal fitness goal and Achievements To stay active and healthy while expanding her knowledge in Olympic Lifting techniques.

Personal Achievements: Brown/Black belt in Muay Thai Kickboxing                                                                                               Organized numerous Spin classes by donation to fundraise for BC Children’s Hospital

Intitial Assessment/Body Compositon Testing

Team Fitness Competitive Training

Initial Assessment

  • Functional fitness testing
  • Body Composition Analysis of Lean Body Mass and Body Fat percentages
  • Basal Metabolic Reading
  • Blood Pressure Measurement
  • Target Heart Rate Review
  • Injury History Review
  • Meal Plan Review
  • Girth Measurements
  • Body Weight
  • Goal Setting

Body Composition Check-In

  • Body Composition Analysis of Lean Body Mass and Body Fat percentages
  • Mini Meal Plan Consult
  • Basal Metabolic Reading
  • Goal Setting Review
  • Girth Measurements
  • Body Weight

Every client has opportunity to receive Quarterly check-ups to keep you accountable and on track to reach your goals by having Body Composition and Programming Check Ins.


Testimonial – General

“I have just completed the 90 Days to a New You Program at Team Fitness…and the best way I can describe my experience is inspirational…yes you get fit and yes you will lose weight and yes you will lose inches but it is much better than that.  Ninety days isn’t really a very long time but it is just the right amount of time to put you ahead of the demands of what your life presents. It is just the right amount of time to reflect and decide that your mental and physical health and overall wellbeing is what is most important. Along with remembering that in order to give to others you have to nourish yourself first.  Over 90 days you get this all figured out and the compliments start rolling in…because being fit from the inside out is what the 90 day program is really all about. Finally, a special thank you to Leanne and Deneen who were with me every step of my journey and I know will be will be with you on your journey too!                                               – Sincerely, Cathy Morris

Testimonial – Competitive Training

Leanne’s support and passion enabled me to enjoy exercising and helped in my decision to compete. I first competed in Figure and then stepped it up and did my second competition in Fitness. Leanne pushed me to limits that I never knew I had and with her never ending support and encouragement I came out in the top five at the Provincial Level in Fitness.
Sandy Storeshaw

North Vancouver Exclusive Personal Training