Team Fitness has been providing  customized fitness programs with an emphasis on a balanced, healthy lifestyle in  North Vancouver since 1997.


Team Fitness is a  boutique training studio that offers a full spectrum approach to health and  wellness. Clients experience fun, supportive, challenging programs in a  unintimidating atmosphere. Team Fitness prides itself on giving personal  attention to each client ensuring they feel “part of a community”. We are  inclusive in an exclusive studio. We work as a team providing accountability,  support and lifestyle tools for our clients to achieve success in their health  and lifestyle goals. Our systems are simple and streamlined and successful in  delivering what our clients need. Our unique customer services attract the  clients we need.


Our mission is  providing the very highest quality personal training and wellness services to  our clients.  Our strategy is based upon total, no-compromise client  satisfaction and we continually strive to offer a complete package of up-to-date  value added health and fitness solutions to meet our clients’ needs. We value  above all our long term client relations. Our clients are at the center of everything we do. We provide services that are personal and tailored to each individual. Our clients trust us to look after their needs and help them make informed decisions to better manage their health and fitness. We are always building our team. If you are a strong, confident and passionate trainer interested in joining our team please email your resume and cover letter, listing all relevant experience, education and certification to                                      deneen@teamfitness.ca

North Vancouver Exclusive Personal Training