Our Team Fitness Services

Voted as one of the best Specialty Training Facilities in North Vancouver, Team fitness has some of the best personal trainers and services in BC and in Canada.

Our team approach to training keeps our clients at the centre of everything we do. It is our passion for the health of others, that gives us the energy, dedication and commitment to help our clients improve their health and to change their lives for the better. Whatever we do, our clients health is our number one priority.

Wherever you are at, chronic illness, overweight, injured or an elite athlete, our team takes you to your next level.

Personal Training & Partner Training

You will increase the efficiency of your workout significantly with our team compared to when working alone. At Team Fitness we specialize in unique and individualized program design. Whether it is sport specific, general fitness or injury rehab we have qualified staff to help you reach your goals both safely and efficiently. Our focus is on you the client, while creating an atmosphere of fun, fitness and accountability.

Small Group Personal Training – Be inspired

Enjoy a great workout with like-minded people who will encourage you and challenge you to levels you never thought possible. Small Group Personal Training is a super affordable alternative are limited to 8 participants. 

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TF Meal Plan

The Team Fitness Meal Plan is a specialized program designed to retrain you and your body to build muscle and burn fat more efficiently.

We design a meal plan accordingly to your personal goal, resulting in a minimum of a 2lb weight loss and muscle gain each week. Our programs are designed to address obesity, sport enthusiast, fitness competitors and general health and fitness clients.

This program holds you accountable while creating a new lifestyle of maintaining healthy eating habits.

90 Days to a New You

It takes 30 days to form a new habit and only 60 more to change your life!

Bundling our Team Fitness services of Personal Training, Small Group PT and Meal Planning is the perfect combination for you to reach your goals so you can live your Best Life!

Initial Assessment

We recomend that all clients do this prior to their first training session as it helps us set goals, monitor progress and assess any functional constraints to training. In your assessment you will get:

  • Functional fitness testing
  • Body Composition Analysis of Lean Body Mass and Body Fat percentages
  • Basal Metabolic Reading
  • Blood Pressure Measurement
  • Target Heart Rate Review
  • Injury History Review
  • Meal Plan Review
  • Girth Measurements
  • Body Weight
  • Educational materials
  • Goal Setting

Body Composition Check-In

  • Body Composition Analysis of Lean Body Mass and Body Fat percentages
  • Mini Meal Plan Consult
  • Basal Metabolic Reading
  • Goal Setting Review
  • Girth Measurements
  • Body Weight
  • Every Long Term client has opportunity to receive Quarterly check-ups to keep you accountable and on track to reach your goals by having Body Composition and Programming Check Ins.

Fitness/Figure Competition Consulting Services

by Leanne Babcock (2004 Alberta Fitness Overall Champion and National Competitor)

Team Fitness Lifestyle Shop

A variety of nutritional products and apparel for sale to complement your training.

On-site Complementry Wellness Services

In Sync Natural or 604-240-5137

SOMA MASSAGE THERAPY: or 604-818-0061

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