TF Meal Planning

Weekly or Biweekly support that reviews meal plan options and body composition progress. This is ideal for clients who want to lose 2lbs a week of fat weight by following a low glycemic meal plan in addition to regular exercise.

Starting with Body Composition Session and TF Lifestyle Review, a TF Meal Plan will be designed specifically for you, your allergies, work and social commitments. The accountability and ongoing support will educate you long term in maintaining a weight you desire.

It is suggested the Meal Plan Program is followed for 90 days for optimum results!

Online Meal Planning is available for people in other Destinations.

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September 8 2014 I started the 90 day challenge with Team Fitness. Starting this program I was unsure how I was going to feel about it, but after the first two weeks in I was already starting to feel amazing. I started noticing my energy level go up and my confidence. My initial thoughts of the meal plan were well let’s just say they were terrifying. After learning how to follow and maintain a schedule I soon found that I was thoroughly enjoying each meal I ate. The meal plan also gave a lot of different and easy options that completely satisfied my appetite. Starting at the gym I was not overly excited, I was totally out of shape and had no clue what I was doing. Just after about three weeks had flew by I walked into the gym feeling confident and stronger of what I was doing. The days just kept flying by and before I knew it I was 36 pounds and 38 inches down, all in a matter of just 90 days. Thanks to Team Fitness they have changed my life in so many ways, this is not a diet it is now my life style. To anyone that is having a hard time out there know that it is never too late to start, in September I had hit my heaviest and thought I would never be where I am today. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone out there that needs a jump start to a new healthy life style.

– Jessie Steeves, lost 37 lbs and 38 inches in only 90 days

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