TF Personal Training


The fastest, easiest and most successful way to reach your health and fitness goals. Our team gives you professional assistance to improve cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, endurance, posture, balance and coordination.

Your program will be designed  so you get maximum results in minimum time, along with using your strengths while improving on your weaknesses.

We guarantee all your personal training sessions will be efficient, effective and fun.


  •  60 minute Personal Training sessions
  •  60 Minute Partner Training
  • 60 Minute Small Group Training

Short on time? Like a great deal?

woman with trainerTRY :

  • 30 Minute Personal Training
  • 30 Minute Partner Training

All sessions progress depending on your long term and short-term goals. Want to improve your tennis game, learn to ski, become an in-line skater, golf like a pro, better your weekend basketball game or get ready for a wilderness adventure vacation? An individualized program can improve your overall conditioning and develop the specific skills you need.

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All programs require that clients have an Initial Assessment prior to their first training session as it helps to set goals and allows us to design your program specifically for you! A very important start to your Personal Training Experience!

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