“I have just completed the 90 Days to a New You Program at Team Fitness…and the best way I can describe my experience is inspirational…yes you get fit and yes you will lose weight and yes you will lose inches but it is much better than that. Ninety days isn’t really a very long time but it is just the right amount of time to put you ahead of the demands of what your life presents. It is just the right amount of time to reflect and decide that your mental and physical health and overall wellbeing is what is most important. Along with remembering that in order to give to others you have to nourish yourself first. Over 90 days you get this all figured out and the compliments start rolling in…because being fit from the inside out is what the 90 day program is really all about. Finally, a special thank you to Leanne and Deneen who were with me every step of my journey and I know will be will be with you on your journey too!

Sincerely, Cathy Morris

Leanne’s support and passion enabled me to enjoy exercising and helped in my decision to compete. I first competed in Figure and then stepped it up and did my second competition in Fitness. Leanne pushed me to limits that I never knew I had and with her never ending support and encouragement I came out in the top five at the Provincial Level in Fitness.

Sandy Storeshaw

I have been a client at Team Finess for about 6 1/2 years I find that having an appointment, and someone waiting for me really makes a big difference. The variety makes the whole thing so much more fun and interesting. The gym is private and friendly, and all that makes it easy even for a middle-aged woman to feel comfortable.

Towser Jones

As a police officer it is very important to be physically in shape as well as mentally. I credit the time I have spent at Team Fitness with getting me into better shape. I am very impressed with the caliber of the trainers and management of Team Fitness and would highly recommend Team Fitness to anyone.

Sincerely, Sheryl Armstrong

In 2008 I had surgery on my back to fix a herniated disc. For the next three years my back was a complete mess. I wasn’t able to work and I was in constant pain. For a long time I didn’t think my chronic pain symptoms would go away. A general malaise took over my life as I was uncertain if I would ever return to my pre-injured self.

In February of 2011, on a recommendation, I began working out with Team Fitness. I went in with low expectations, as all of my previous rehab attempts had proven futile. Within weeks I could feel strength returning to my back. Team Fitness worked intensively with me to create an individually designed fitness regimen.

I now have minimal, to no pain during day-to-day activities. With the absence of pain my melancholy has dissipated, and for the first time in three years I am able to play a full round of golf, a sport I honestly believed I would never play again.

Thank you Team Fitness,
Mitch Blaney

I have been a client of Team Fitness for 2 years. I injured my knee and was referred to an orthopedic surgeon as well as a pyhsiotherapist. I was hesitant about continuing to exercise as I was concerned about further injuries. I showed a copy of the regimen that Team Fitness Designed for me to my physio therapist as well as the surgeon and they felt it was excellent. There is no doubt that as a result of the combined physio program and the Team Fitness program, my knee has been showing great improvement.

Sincerely, Sheryl Armtstrong

Team Fitness has pushed the envelope of fitness for me that I would NEVER have done on my own. Today I really admire the forethought of our president to set the wheels in motion for such a beneficial health program for his team.

Wendy Barker, VP HR

North Vancouver Exclusive Personal Training